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Welcome to Automotive Remarketing Services, a Cyprus based online platform with the aim to offer a unique and trouble-free service to those seeking to buy their next car.

We have more than 20 years’ experience in the motor industry in both the UK and Cyprus markets and we offer a simple, trustworthy purchase procedure to the prospective buyer.

At ARS we pride ourselves on our exemplary levels of customer service, transparency of the information provided and we hope to enhance the purchase process in conjunction with bringing “peace of mind” on your next purchase.

Thank you for taking the time to visit ARS website and we look forward to hopefully welcoming you in person in the near future.

Frequently Asked Questions
Do you have a question about Automotive Remarketing Services? See the list below for our most frequently asked questions. If your question is not listed here, then please visit the FAQ Page.
What is a car auction?
Car auctions are a method of selling new and used cars based on the auction system. Car auctions can be found in most nations but are often unused by most people since in most nations (ie United States) car auctions are exclusive to used car dealers. In countries like Japan and the UK, car auctions are well known and occasionally used indirectly by residents.
Car auctions in the UK
The majority of the vehicles entered into auction in the UK are ex-company fleet vehicle and as such usually have a good service history and have been well kept. Car dealer groups also take advantage of car auctions in order to sell on any excess stock whilst smaller, local dealers use them to fill spaces in their forecourts. Auctions in the UK are also used by banks, local and central government, private sellers and car dealerships. By attending car auctions in the UK you get access to a unique range of vehicles: -direct from the manufacturer -later model cars -cars available from ex-fleet, finance and lease companies -part-exchange cars from dealers -budget and family models including mpv’s -specialist marques, top car and other prestige car auctions.
How the process works?
Browse the ARS platform for the desired make/model of car. Once you narrow down your selection of cars or identify the actual car of interest, you can contact ARS for additional information/query solving. Based on current market values ARS will give you a price for the car. You give your authorization/consent to bid/purchase the car. If successful bid/purchase occurs ARS will initiate the process of exporting the car to Cyprus. At this stage a deposit is required from the customer to secure the car. Upon arrival to Cyprus port ARS will undertake all necessary steps to prepare/register the car to you. Final inspection/approval by the customer. Full payment of the outstanding balance on the car. Actual delivery of the car to the customer.
How long to get my car?
It takes 12-14 days for the transit time of the car from UK to Cyprus. An additional 4-5 working days are needed to prepare/deliver the car to the customer. Usually there is a vessel leaving UK for Cyprus every friday. ARS will help you keep truck of your car movements by constantly updating you as the process progresses. Updates will be in the form of emails or text messages depending on customers request.
What is the Payment / Refund policy?
ARS follows a simple and straightforward process related to the payment of the car. Upon successful bid/purchase of the car a deposit is required to secure the car. Upon arrival of the car in Cyprus and after preparation takes place a pre-delivery inspection is carried out by the customer. Upon completion of the inspection a full settlement of the outstanding balance is required before registration/delivery of the car. In the event that there is a discrepancy on the information provided by ARS ( ie mileage discrepancy ) a full refund of the deposit taken will occur.